Magee Park Poets

A gathering of poets in north San Diego County
About the poet
Diane Quintrall Lewis had recently moved to Valley Center from San Jose where she was active in the poetry community. She has been published in many small journals and collections, and teaches for the California Poets in the Schools program.
Candle Wax
By Diane Quintrall Lewis
Published in Magee Park Poets Anthology, 1989

The days are candlewax and though the air is cold
they soften. Perhaps it's the mist that does it

as it blurs the mountains and then the nearer
brush. Snails climb the walls of the house

and I, insensitive, knock them down, 
crush them. Only silence is clear.

The crickets, which wandered
under the garage door have stopped vibrating.

Sometimes I rescued one, tossed it out the front door.
I don't wait for sun brittle days but

lair up under my lamella. Melting is
non-resistant, a lighted candle. No moths,

only ants crawl in arcs across the kitchen
floor, across unfocused dog prints.