Magee Park Poets

A gathering of poets in north San Diego County
About the poet
Shirley Reinoehl is a freelance writer/editor who divides her time between an isolated log house in South Dakota and a townhome in Carlsbad.
Finding the Key
By Shirley Reinoehl
Published in Magee Park Poets Anthology, 1991
I remember Brawley where a school took me in.
A room of bookshelves held up the ceiling.

I wanted to sleep in their shadows,
fill my emptimness with words,
ladder my way out of those fields.
Three months in one place  means a library card
my mind sings  it arcs into loops  there's a world
besides crops to harvest  oceans and mountains  llamas
in Peru  books talk to me  vowels dance
into my eyes  good growing blooms in my head  print
feeds me  clothes me  mud squishes my toes  I don't
need shows  a wind is coming up  I don't need a coat
wherever I go  books will be waiting
call me bookworm  the rest of my days  this moment
redeems  all scars