Magee Park Poets

A gathering of poets in north San Diego County
About the poet
Kathleen Lynch: a California Poet in the Schools, art graduate from San Jose State University, has studied with Robert Hass, Adrienne Rich, and Mary Oliver, is published in several literary and small press magazines, and is also a prose writer, actress and visual artist.
how to build an owl
By Kathleen Lynch
Published in Magee Park Poets Anthology, 1991

1. decide you must

2. develop deep respect
for feather, bone, claw

3. place your trembling thumb
where the heart will be:
for one hundred hours watch
so you will know
where to put the first feather

4. stay awak forever.
when the bird takes shape
gently pry open its beak
and whisper into it: mouse

5. let it go